Fraunhofer IBP

The motto “Building on knowledge” lies at the heart of the institute’s research and development work and includes the academic programs. The primary focus of the Fraunhofer IBP’s work is on research, development, testing, demonstrating and consulting in the various specialist areas of building physics, e.g. noise control, solutions for improving energy efficiency and optimising lighting technology as well as climate control, hygiene and health protection.

The Fraunhofer IBP collaborates with industry partners to help develop and launch novel and environmentally friendly building materials, components and systems. As it is approved as a testing, monitoring and certification centre for building materials and building techniques by the German building inspection authorities, Fraunhofer IBP is entitled to develop new test methods and to modify existing methods. In the field of “Integrated Life Cycle Assessment”, we evaluate products and processes according to ecological, economic, social and technical aspects.

Besides the development of functional building materials and the optimisation of material characteristics, the research team “Concrete technology and functional building materials” in the “Construction chemistry, building biology and hygiene” department is also engaged in the preparation and recycling of mineral material flows resulting from demolition of buildings or industrial ashes and slags.